Friday, June 03, 2005

28th May recap: Ross Noble at the Playhouse, Becca's birthday party

Well, my recollection of this is sketchy at best, so I'll put my thoughts down in point form:

- Holy crap, when did Ross Noble get so chunky?

- Hehe, owl cage bling (you had to be there).

- Audience participation should be made illegal (either that or Angie should be allowed to bring an elephant tranquilliser gun with her to all future gigs). There were some very drunk or stoned people who would shout incoherent things from the balcony and at one point started singing "Yellow Submarine".

- Gah, I think the same ditzy blondes from Kill Wil were at the gig. They kept bursting into shrieks of laughter at the wrong moments. And the hullabaloo that erupted when he started talking about Telstra, ye gods. When asked where she worked at Telstra and she replied "Directory assistance", I thought "A-HA! It's all so clear now!" (That's where they used to send the Telstra dregs. Like in Judge Dredd where the exiled judges were sent out into the desert to convert the people who insisted on marrying their cousins.)

- I think Ross-boy was getting a little annoyed. Was it the way he told the people at the back to "SHUT THE F*** UP?" Just a thought.

- During interval Janine (who had been sitting in the row behind me with Allan) said she'd gone to the loo before the show and seen some girls openly popping a couple of tablets.
Angie: "Well, maybe they had a headache and were taking some Neurofen."
Janine (with appropriate "you are a simpleton" look): "Angie, Neurofen doesn't come packaged in clingwrap."

Oh good grief, what a waste of an E (not that I endorse drugs of course blah blah blah). It's a comedy gig - why would you need to take ANYTHING? Well, maybe if you were seeing Wil Anderson live... (NB. Wil, you material recycling hack - I WANT MY MONEY BACK!)

Onto Becca's party. I thought I would need to go to bed early, but whaddya know, ended up staying till 3.30. It's a bit sad, I really should leave just after the peak but for some reason I keep going while other (note: YOUNGER but only chronologically) people start yawning and curling up on the floor.

Carl introduced me to a TV cartoon series called Sealab 2020. I'm just confused now as to whether it's quite clever or just really REALLY crap. Yes, it's that kind of show. Hmm, maybe alcohol was required. Or I should've asked one of the girls in the Playhouse loo for a "Neurofen". Dave arrived as Goldmember. I thought my eyes were going to start bleeding.

I like silver wigs. I think I'll get one.