Friday, May 13, 2005

"The Ring"

I should never have watched "The Ring". It totally messed with my mind. For two weeks afterwards I kept having "Ring" flashbacks under my eyelids whenever I closed them.

It was the feature movie on the plane that I took from Perth to Singapore en route to London. We found out very late that the flight from Singapore to London was delayed, and that we would have to stay overnight at Changi airport. I booked their very last room with an ensuite before leaving Perth, thinking I was sooo clever. Well...

So I watched "The Ring" on the plane and was very freaked out, even though it was in crappy stereo headphone sound and was showing on a screen the size of a postcard. Then we finally arrived in Singapore and I checked into the airport hotel. We walked through the corridor where the normal rooms were, and then walked straight past them. Then we walked down a long staircase. And then we walked down another corridor.

"Excuse me, where are we going?" I asked the porter.
"Well, ma'am, all the normal rooms with ensuites are taken. But we've got a renovated store room down here that we use for extra guests."
"Oh. Good."

I have to switch to present tense now to describe the terror that followed:

Finally, at the end of the corridor is a single door. He lets me into the room and then ominously closes the door behind him.

The Room is dimly lit, has two single beds, and a TV SUSPENDED FROM THE CEILING THAT HAS BEEN UNPLUGGED AND IS FACING THE BEDS (and is too high up for me to put something over the screen so it doesn't glare at me). I'm starting to freak out again.

Then I go to the bathroom, which has FLOOR TO CEILING, WALL TO WALL mirrors, is ridiculously long and has a dark shower cubicle at the far end. I think I took all of 2 seconds to have my shower. And I certainly didn't stop to make eye contact with my reflection in the mirror.

Then I lie down in bed and discover that both beds are reflected in the television screen. ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!

The next few hours ticked past excrutiatingly slowly as I tried to remember the words to "Hail Mary" and all the songs I was ever taught in Sunday school.

I nearly kissed the cleaner when she started vaccuuming outside my door at 6am. It felt like the longest 5 hours of my life. Ironically, it may also have shaved off 5 years of my life.

Damn those demon children. I'm only watching Reese Witherspoon comedies from now on...


RaZeR said...

wow... paranoid... but probably just cause with wall mirrors.

If they really wanted to catch you in the nude then they would've "accidently misplaced" the shower curtains too ;)

Why does my mind work like this? ... wait... don't answer that :P

an9ie said...
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an9ie said...

Hmm, I dunno Razer. Maybe it's just a wild guess, but could it be all that PORN you have on your server at home? :p