Monday, May 23, 2005

Oh dear lord...

I saw the ugliest shoes today. Normally I don't care this much... oh OK, maybe I care a little, and then I heckle. A lot. (I really have to make a deposit in the karma piggy bank soon.)

But these shoes were SO truly hideous I could not stop staring at them. And then I had to tell Janine about them. Immediately. (She already thinks I'm completely mad anyway.)

They were like black suede desert boots with white stitching and two thick red fabric straps across the front. I know this sounds fairly innocuous but you weren't there to see them. Even Noddy would have rejected them. Heck, even Big Ears would have rejected them. And he's a gnome!

Perhaps I'm being mean. Maybe she was at a fair for special people, OK, let's make that special blind people, and decided to help one of them out and bought their special shoes. Maybe she ran out of clean shoes because her shoe rack exploded unexpectedly. Maybe her five year old made them and she didn't want to hurt his feelings. I don't know. I just really really hope she doesn't wear them tomorrow.