Friday, May 13, 2005

Evil chain mail - she's after my soul!

Well, it's the right day for ghosts. It's dark and gloomy, the kind of weather that makes trees look sinister and little children look like they've come here on a field trip from Salem's Lot.

Anyway, I was trashed this morning because yesterday, Miss Nicky, in her infinite wisdom, forwarded on a "Ringu" type chain letter to me. I didn't open the .jpg file, but I read the text at the bottom, which might be enough. I don't know. Anyway, the gist of it was "This is a picture of a woman who died in hospital on Monday [or something like that], you must forward on this letter to five more people or she will come for your soul. Blah blah a woman from Western Sydney ignored this message and died in an accident the next day blah." Now, in principle, I refuse to forward on chain letters or e-mails, even the ones from the Dalai Lama that promise me eternal happiness and meeting my buff soulmate if I send on his happy Prozac message in ten days to ten people. So I didn't open the graphic, because I was in the middle of some work thing, and I deleted the e-mail.

Unfortunately, I have an overactive imagination, and last night I kept lying fitfully in bed, in the dark (ironically, I can only sleep in the dark, but I'm also afraid of the dark), and kept waking up with a start and turning on the bedside light. But I couldn't sleep because the light was on, so I'd turn it off, and then I couldn't sleep because it was dark and a vengeful demon was going to devour my soul, so you can see the bind I was in.

And then this morning, I had a close miss while while driving into work on the freeway. I was changing lanes because I thought my blind spot was clear, and then the car behind me decided to change lanes as well. They nearly ran into me becuase they were morons and it was raining and they had a dark blue car with no lights on, so of course I thought "Argh, she's still after me!"

Hence, I presently have a rabbity nervous twitch and shadows under my eyes that make me look like a vampire. But one of the Nosferatu type ones from the 50's movies and not the sexy Anne Rice ones.

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an9ie said...

OK, if I had actually not chickened out and opened the attachment, I would have recognised the picture from a ghost stories website that I used to frequent. It is actually a hoax and yes, I am extremely impressionable and yellow-bellied... Must...go...catch...up...on...