Friday, May 20, 2005

Desperate Housewives...

Man, I wish I were one, but only if I could be married to Tom, and without the homely aggressive kids.

I have all these back episodes of DH to watch and it's cutting into my bedtime! I'm completely addicted. I start watching at 9pm on my laptop. Then I have to watch the next episode. Soon it's 10.30pm. Hmm, I can squeeze in one more, right? 11pm. I'll just watch till 11.30. I did manage to tear myself away at midnight, but only just. Soon I'll run out, and I'll have to find something else to watch, or actually start doing things that matter in the real world and don't add to the size of my arse.

Those houses are fantastic. I want to live in one. Now that someone topped themselves in one and someone else was murdered in another, the real estate values must be stabilising in the area, right?

They've stolen the set from the Truman Show. Lynette has the best kitchen. Her children need to be sent to military school (that's my solution for everything... People getting you down? Military school! Your fruit cake's sunk in the middle? Military school!) Everyone has the same lawn layout (one tree in the middle surrounded by hydrangeas. Speaking of which, how did Bree's lawn recover so quickly after Mrs Huber rolled the dead guy onto it? Such deep thoughts occupy me as I lie in bed at night). Gabrielle's stylist has to get some glasses. Rex has to get a spine. I have Bree's anal retentiveness and Susan's klutziness, except without the legs that go up to my neck and the flawless skin and the cute little jumpers. Sigh. Que sera sera.