Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bad parents and my worm-like status

Oh the folly of parents naming their children. This is funny. I particularly like the following entries. Comments in red are the author's, not mine:


I was thinking of naming my son Toolio. Does anyone know the origin on that one?
---[Jane] DeSac

Toolio DeSac. Boy, can't think of any way that kid'll get picked on. That's one taunt-proof name there!

My husband and I were once told that we should "pray for a name." That in the Biblical times God named many people and still would today if asked. We had a little girl and were very surprised at the name that came to us when she was born and we have been very happy with it ever since. We are doing the same with our baby that's due in October.

Did the fortune cookie slip with the name come before or after the placenta?

These happy parents are hoping for a little brother for their baby, Default Marie.


I went to school with a girl with an unusual name. Hippie parents, meh.

I'm sitting here doing the footy tipping for the work (damn you Stu for making it sound easy) even though I couldn't give a rat's about the sport. Am contemplating my impending HUGE arse mortgage in suburbia and my lack of fame or svelteness. Also my kendo ineptitude. 

Mind you, I have some poppy seed cake waiting at home and an episode of Alias to watch. I'm also feeling quite chipper because I've unstrapped myself from that damn corset my mother forced on me for my stuffed back. (It was doing unspeakable things to my body.)

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Rabin said...

Actually when i think about it, there are a lot of names which were named by parents when they were drunk or have just had an alien visitation. Happy Abraham, was the saddest guy in school... Vanilla, tried to hide her name by calling herself Vani...the list is endless. Enjoyed this post!