Saturday, April 16, 2005

Three parties in one night! SCOOOOORE!

Hehe, I love parties.

Party #1: Ryan's party-for-the-sake-of-having-a-party party. (I think I've mentioned the word "party" in there too many times. Oh well...)
Theme: Relaxed elegance (Damn! And I had my teenage mom skank-wear all ready to go!)
- Everyone there belonged to a book club. What am I doing with my life?
- Ryan's goat cheese filo pastries.
- Ryan's home-made mini-pizzas.
- Ryan's witty repartee and this girl with crazy eyes that I hit it off with right away. Bitch factor set to: STUN. Woooo! 

Party #2: Anne Marie's 21st and Tribute to Friends
- AmM singing "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge as a duet with Donna.
- AmM singing a song she wrote for her mother and not being able to finish it because she kept bursting into tears ... awww.
- the catfight that broke out in the carpark when one well-covered lady asked another well-endowed lady if she was pregnant. (I wasn't there for it but Andrew told me about it.)
- Meeting Graham there and getting invited to another party! Yay!

In between I had to rush home to get changed out of "Relaxed Elegance". Mum goes "Oh, you're home early!"
Me: "Can't talk! Must find brightest, most garish clothing and go to another party! Hey, do electric blue and bright green go together? No? Eeeeeexcellent..."

Party #3: Kylie's 24th
Theme: Hi5
Damn! I missed Pass the Parcel. Apparently a boy had to kiss another boy. But still made it in time for Musical Statues, Musical Bob and the Pinata.
- Definitely the pinata. Kendo skills translated well, but for sheer viciousness there's no beating Donna. Not a person you want to corner in a dark alley. I gave an involuntary kiai. Oops. Habit. I hope the neighbours didn't complain.
- Blowing bubbles. I like bubbles.
- Playdoh.
- Kylie's cupcakes. And Kylie's cookies. Yum.
- Evading RaZeR's camera. HAH! No embarrassing photos this time! What a coup!