Friday, April 22, 2005

Things my mother told me #2: Suki's Story

I do not agree with the message behind this story, but it does make for entertaining reading. My mother has told this tale to me so many times that I repeat it word-for-word.

Mum brings it out when she is feeling particularly low re: her grandchildlessness state. (To which I usually reply: "But you work in a hospital--can't you just steal one from the nursery?")

Hem-hem. I choose to start the story ... now.

Suki was a nurse who worked in the general hospital. Now, she wasn't very pretty, but she was fair and slim. [an9ie: These are my mother's exact words. Don't shoot the messenger. Especially when the messenger is not the slimmest person around either.] She also had some weird spinal thing going on, I can't remember the medical term; it wasn't scoliosis, and it wasn't very noticeable, but it was there, nonetheless.

Anyway, Suki was pretty full of herself, having just come back from nursing college in the UK. There was this one doctor, Dr. Tan, who was crazy about her and constantly pursued her. He would follow her around the hospital and get his friends to invite her to parties so he could "bump" into her. But Suki was too proud and kept rejecting him. [an9ie: At this point, I always feel like yelling, "Get a spine, Dr. Tan!" Don't waste the pretty!]

And then, one day Suki got a blood clot in her brain, which led to a mild stroke, which caused partial paralysis on one side of her body. She had to stay in hospital for a long time, and she got fat, and after a while even Dr. Tan stopped visiting her and married some other nurse. I believe this other nurse may even have been Suki's best friend. [an9ie: Don't let that eligible doctor go to waste!]

Luckily, Suki has a rich family who can support her financially, because she can't work as a nurse any more. And nobody wants to marry her anyway. And she will never supply her parents with grandchildren *pointed glare at audience* [an9ie: That would be me.] The end.

The moral of this story is: settle for a Dr. Tan if he comes your way. You may not love him. He may not be your soulmate. But take what you can get while you're young. Good men are hard to find.



There should be no settling. The world is a huge place. There are plenty of people out there, decent or otherwise.

Who knows? Suki may have married Dr. Tan and then found out that he was a cross-dressing wife-beater. Or worse (OK, not worse, but not great), she may have married him, had the big house in suburbia, the 2.3 kids, and then found herself trapped in a loveless dull marriage. Don't do it.

Aim high. We all deserve the best.