Sunday, April 17, 2005


Somehow, at 4.30 last night/this morning, I managed to delude myself into thinking that I'd be able to get up at 8am for a 10:00 walk in the hills.

My alarm goes off.

Brain: "Yay, let's go for a bush-walk!"

Body: "You moron!"

I hit the snooze button. I then proceed to snooze for about two and a half hours. At 10:14 I rouse briefly (brain has humbly agreed with body that we are rather wasted and movement is a very bad idea) and decide to SMS Damon to tell him I'm not coming. Twelve minutes later I finally manage to type in an almost coherent two line message.

At 11:30 I wake up feeling much better and decide to rouse G (little bro') so that he can come to Canning Vale markets with me and carry the new carpet I'm going to buy.

Damn, no cream sisal carpet available. Have to wait till next week. Buy peanut M&Ms instead.

Later on in the afternoon, I totally gross my brother out by telling him about [something I can't mention here--yes, it is that gross]. He vows never to mingle his washing with anyone else's ever again. Hee. My work here is done.

After dinner, I'm eating a chive pancake and reading a purloined copy of Woolworth's Good Taste magazine (March 2005 issue) when I stumble across an article about Jessica Yuille--my Science teacher from Year 9 in Bathurst. She was a total hippie and very nice, which of course means that we took advantage of her all the time.

Anyway, she's living in one of those environmentally friendly houses in the Blue Mountains where the patio is made out of recycled drink bottles, the huge stove in the backyard uses 34 hours of the sun's heat to cook 2 cookies, and milk is stored in a "cold cupboard" with strategic vents instead of a fridge.

Oh well, kudos to her for trying to save the Earth, even though we're all going to live on Mars in a couple of decades because we've left this planet a withered husk. It will give us somewhere to put all the hippies.