Thursday, April 21, 2005

Seppuku - A Practical Guide

Speaking of seppuku (Japanese ritual suicide - I mentioned it in the "TV" blog from yesterday), I found this gem on the Net.


RaZeR said...

"DON'T engage in any of the degenerate forms of seppuku that involve stabbing yourself with a paper fan: they are vulgar and a paper cut can be quite nasty."

Oh NO! Not a paper cut! Those are really nasty!

an9ie said...

I just re-read this and the first line which goes: "Seppuku is highly ritualistic, exquisitely precise and earns you maximum respect from students and potential job interviewers alike." What the..? OK, I can understand the student thing, esp. if you're a frustrated teacher ("OK, you little sh!ts have gone too far! I hope my blood splatter gets you!"), but job interviewers? "Congratulations! Your devotion has earned our respect. Here's the job...oh...whoops..."