Friday, April 22, 2005

Plus ca change

... plus c'est la meme chose. (Yes, I know the accents are missing but I'm too lazy to figure out how to do them.)

The title of this book caught my eye while I was browsing eBay. Amazing how many variations people can concoct on the same theme. In this case it is how a marriage of convenience turns into red-hot blah-blah when he unleashes the blah in her ... something or other ... I'm getting sleepy ... Full marks for getting it into print though.

Selling for $4.92 at the moment with 0 bids.


*Romancing the Crown series*

Condition: Edgewear and Spinewear

A KINGDOM'S HONOUR depends on the actions of the man assigned to protect its princess...

When Princess Samira Kamal found herself pregnant and abandoned, she faced shaming her family and threatening the peace between Tamir and neighbouring Montebello. Then her mysterious bodyguard made a shocking proposal: 'Marry Me.' She'd thought Farid Nasir more machine than man—now Samira yearned to uncover the hidden depths of the man she would call husband...

For Farid, marrying the princess to save his country's honour was all in a day's work—until night came. Suddenly Farid realised his wife was a warm, desirable woman—and a threat to the walls of ice around his heart!