Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Must...stop..eating... before...kendo

My mother is a devil woman. I'm staying with my parents while the flat I want to move into becomes available (two blocks from Perth Police Station AND a view of the WACA--classy!), and I come home before kendo, intending to eat nothing so that I can be all nimble and gazelle-like in class, only to find that she's cooked something irresistible. Tonight it was little deep-fried fish fillets and stir-fried rice noodles with vegetables.

I have no will-power when it comes to food. As I have mentioned before, if I didn't exercise five times a week I would have an arse the size of a minor Pacific atoll. I am a food whore.

I attend parties of people I don't even like if there is going to be food available.

If there are two social events on at the same time, I prioritise based on who is going to provide the better spread.

I contemplated dressing up and pretending to know someone who was graduating so I could turn up to UWA's graduation nights and enjoy the catering services - sushi, little cakes, gourmet sandwiches...*drool*.

On Tuesday morning I went to a 90 minute presentation by Sun plugging the new Java suite because they provided a free breakfast (yes, those ham and cheese croissants were very nice, thank you). Any bets I make have food as the prize. In fact, I have a veeeery interesting bet on with Nicky at the moment, where the loser has to buy the winner a minimum three-course meal (venue pending) in the city of the winner.

So tonight, once again, I managed to train with all the agility of a pregnant elephant because my stomach is too busy digesting food.

Never mind, it won't be for long. As soon as I move out again I'll just be too lazy to cook. Once I managed to live for a week on a single stir-fried cabbage, and I can do it again, as God is my witness ...


RaZeR said...


this one sounds similar to something you'd read on

an9ie said...

Oh puh-leeeese - I have way more class than that! I can't believe that last incest story - are these people for real or are they just posting crap for the fun of it? (Hmm, note to self, think of outrageous story, post on grouphug, sit back and watch results :)