Saturday, April 30, 2005


Watched "Kinsey" at Janine's house. Yeurgh. Feel grossed out and slightly violated. Bugger procreation. The human race can damn well fend for itself. I'm going to go scrub myself down with steel wool and Jif.

Note to self, avoid eye contact with sweet looking white-haired old ladies. They harbour unspeakable seediness. Doh--must repress and then remove that image from my head Getoutgetoutgetoutgetout.
Gyllenhaal's...abs... Damn. Can't do it.

Yes, mankind will be all the poorer for the lack of my superior genes.Maybe I should just clone myself. And while they've got the gizmo out, I'll ask if they can do a two-for-one deal and make me a new doggie as well.