Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Homies drink Bacardi?

Is it just me or does Bacardi seem to be getting a lot of airplay as the homeboy drink of the choice? Maybe Bacardi sponsors them. Anyway, I can name two songs off the top of my head that mention it: Mariah Carey's "Get Right" and 50 cent's "In Da Club". I think Nelly and Robbie Williams refer to it as well in some of their lyrics.

Wish I had some right now. Actually, I wish I could drink (alcohol) without adverse effects), full stop. Mmm, liqueur chocolates. Once I had an entire bar of Lindt Cognac after a stressful day at the [large telecommunications company] IT Helpdesk. Sweet, sweet alcohol and chocolate are such good companions ... 

This one time (at band camp ... hehe, nah) this lady called me and said "That bar thing at the bottom of my screen keeps disappearing! Oh, look! There it is! Oooh, it's gone again! Wait! It's back!"

She had the Windows Toolbar on auto-hide. Sigh.

Anyway, if you google "Bacardi lyrics", even allowing for repeats, there are LOTS of search results. Just something that occurred to me driving home the other night... Perhaps I should have been watching the road instead, but people in comas can't talk, right? :)

I missed The Best of Queer Eye on Monday night. Man, am I bummed... Carson has the best one-liners. And he graduated with Honours in Fine Arts and Finance. And he was on the US Olympic Equestrian team. What a dude!