Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekend stuff

Sunday morning - swap meet

Some people are completely mad (myself included). I got up at 4.30 and arrived at Melville Plaza at 5.45am. It was unnatural. There were already heaps of people there, not just sellers but buyers as well, wandering around in the semi-darkness, furtively peering at everyone's goods. E had arrived a few minutes before me and said she'd got the last bay. Apparently people sleep in the carpark overnight so they can get good spots for selling. E made over $150! I cannot believe the crap people will buy! Mad. (This does not mean E was selling shit. I am, of course, referring to other people. People I didn't know.)

I didn't sell much of my stuff, but we had a pretty good time. I'd borrowed Susan's clothing rack and the damn thing has taken at least 3 years off my life in cumulative heart spasms. Whenever the wind changed it would lurch from side to side and three times of out five, it would fall over. Finally, the nice Italian man in the next bay took pity on me and tied it to one of his tables. I gave him a choc hot cross bun later when I went to return his string. Mmm, chocolate hot cross buns. (Get the Baker's Delight ones - they have more choc chips.) 

At about 8am a familiar face came wandering by - it was P, a guy I used to work with at [large telecommunications company]. Same old P. Still at [large telecommunications company]. (And apparently, so was everyone else.) When we had teleconferences with the big boys, P would lean back in his chair and fall asleep in about 2 seconds. Sometimes his snoring got a bit loud and we'd have to put the mute button on while someone nudged him awake. We also used to play buzzword bingo (good old mute button!). One of the team members had the surname Bond, so before the meeting A would squeal "Mr. Bond, the plane, the plane!" Ah, good times...

Sunday night - Kill Wil

First of all, I demand more than an hour of stand-up for $40. I reckon I got about, hmmm, $25 worth of comedy, and some of it was stuff I'd already heard on the Glass House or radio. In fact, in some bits, I was thinking, "Man, I've heard my friend Janine say funnier things! By gum, we're comedy geniuses! We should record our 8am morning coffee sessions--they're GOLD."

There were some empty seats in the front row, and Wil said "I'll bet someone I know just did that to spite me. 'Thinks he's a big shot selling out to full houses, eh? I'll show him...' 'Hello, this is Adam Spencer, I'd like to book out 4 seats in the front row. Ah, f*ck it, make that 3 seats. It's a prime number.' " Heh. Only geeks or JJJ listeners will get that one.