Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sydney - Day 4

Boohoo. Nicky has to work today so I have to entertain myself. First of all though, I have to post some clothes back to Perth--there is no way all my shopping is going to fit into my suitcase.

Hang around Leichhardt but there's not a lot of shopping around (and very little mesh) so I head into town.

Hmm, shopping is not as much fun without Nicky to egg me on into making impulse buys. I find a place called dirtcheapcds where everything is $10 though. 

I remember Nicky talking about the dirty version of Khia's "Lick It" so I try to find it. Ah, bingo, find a seedy looking compilation called "SexCells" and get it as a gag gift. Hee.