Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sydney - Day 2


Breakfast with Nicky and Michael at The Grind. I have spinach and scrambled eggs on an English muffin and Turkish bread with honey. Yum.


We wander around Darling Harbour searching for the Powerhouse Museum, stumble on a shoe sale and get distracted for an hour. After immensely satisfying shoe purchases, we continue our search and immediately become distracted by a CD sale at Sanity.

Now it's quite scary, how after not seeing each other for at least 2 years, Nicky and I still have such a rapport, and we keep saying and doing things that the other person is about to say or thinking about. The next example, although it shows us to be completely un-cool, demonstrates this wondrous quasi-psychic connection we have:

Nicky is browsing through the "Special Interest" section when I come up to her and say "Wonder if there are any hip hop dance instruction DVDs here?"
Nicky: "I was just looking for those!"
Angie: "Hey, did you know Carmen Electra has released a strippercise video?"
Nicky holds up the DVD whose cover she's been reading. It is Carmen Electra's "Fit to Strip: Volume 1".


The last week of the LOTR exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. Full of school children, which sets my kendo arm a-twitching.

It's amazing seeing the actual costumes used in the movie. Viggo Mortensen actually lived in his for most of the time, and mended and washed it himself. Viggo, here's two cents, buy a life. If you're not going to enjoy your movie star lifestyle, can I have it please?

Orlando Bloom has better legs than I do, how depressing. Liv Tyler's dresses are divine. The large troll from "The Fellowship of the Ring" is anatomically correct. Ew. Massive is a fabulous piece of software.

We go back and play Darrin's Hip Hop Dance Groove on Michael's DVD player. Teehee. We agree that the blonde twins who are part of the demonstration group are a bit too chunky, but the chica latina is HOT. Then we watch the Carmen Electra DVDs, and roll around on the floor laughing.

Michael comes in while we're watching Carmen slap her own butt and goes "OH MY GOD - what are you two watching?" We offer Michael and Tom $50 to learn the first basic strip routine and perform it for us, but it appears that they have more dignity than that. Who'd have thunk it?


Nicky gets a call from her older sister, Veronica, arranging to meet for breakfast the next day. She tells Ronnie about the Fit to Strip and Ron exclaims "Carmen Electra! She's a whorebag! You hussies!"*

* We notice that this doesn't stop her from borrowing the DVDs so she can make back-ups of them. HA.