Friday, March 11, 2005

Perth appears on news! (Non-nerds don't bother reading this)

OMG - Swiftel got raided today for "hosting" BitTorrent sites! (Link today on goes to,39023165,39184042,00.htm)

Music piracy unit raids ISP in BitTorrent assault

By Kristyn Maslog-Levis, ZDNet Australia

10 March 2005

Australia's music industry piracy investigations unit has raided an Internet service provider in Perth in what it says is the first Australian assault on the use of BitTorrent technology for copyright infringement.

Outgoing Music Industry Piracy Investigations (MIPI) general manager, Michael Speck, said the raid was launched this afternoon at the offices of Swiftel Communications in the Western Australian capital's central business district after federal magistrate Rolf Driver yesterday granted a civil search order.

"We have identified Swiftel as an ISP which has adopted BitTorrent technology to link infringers to music clips and sound recordings," Speck commented in a statement released this afternoon. "We believe hundreds of thousands of downloads have been conducted in the last year in breach of copyright laws".

Evidence gathered during the raid would, Speck said, be used to bring a copyright prosecution before the courts.

This is so silly. I can't believe the Australian police have nothing better to do. How can the ISP adopt BitTorrent technology when it's software that lives on user's PCs? Are they talking about TCP/IP, or *gasp* - bits? I hope this gets thrown out of court.