Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I hate packing

Looks like I am going to have a very heavy cabin bag--next stop, Scoliosis Central!

Nicky called me today before lunch. It was so good to hear from her, I can't believe we'll be in Sydney together this time next week. She couldn't get tickets to The Glass House because they're not filming on Easter Tuesday, but we are going to the NSW State Finals of Raw Comedy (finalists go to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival), and also the LOTR exhibition of the Powerhouse Museum, so it looks like we'll have a FULLY SICK time. Yay!

(The background story is - Nicky and I were very good friends at high school in Bathurst and kind of lost touch with each other afterwards. One day in 2001, I was in Sydney on a trip for [large telecommunications company], and was walking past George Street cinemas when I saw this girl who looked exactly like her. Now, if I had followed my original impulse of "Gah, I'm tired and hungry and can't be stuffed asking a stranger if she's my long-lost school friend," or chosen to take my usual route back to the hotel through Chinatown, I would never have found her again. She came out to Perth for work a couple of years back and really liked it. In fact, one day she might even move out here, mightn't you, Nickster? ;)

Can't afford an iPod at the moment but found a Philips mp3 CD player for $60 reduced from $99 at Target, so I've burnt some mp3 CDs for the plane. Finally I'll get to listen to those Adam and Wil mp3's from last year's JJJ breakfast show (600MB worth). And Tripod's weekly challenge songs.

In the lyrics to Tripod's"I hate your family" song, there's a bit that goes:

The night I first met them,
the dog was drunk,
and your father threatened me with a knife.
Your sister showed me her collection of eels,
and what she did then will stay with me for life.

You're welcome.

My next post won't be till after the 4th of April, by the way. If my sister is reading this, I am not lying dead in a ditch and you can always call my mobile. Remember to pick me up from the airport on Sunday night!


Anonymous said...

best of luck with the tournament, go kick some ass :)

- RaZeR

an9ie said...

Thanks RaZeR! I fell on my ass twice - does that count?