Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Do we really rule the world?

This morning I was stuck behind a car in traffic on Aberdare Road, which has four lanes and an island in between. The words "What the &%#@& is he doing?" were just forming in my chocolate-deprived mind when I noticed 20 ducks crossing the road in front of him. They were so cute that all was forgiven.

The ducks suddenly turned around and started walking back the way they came. "Stupid ducks!" Then they stopped and just stood there. You could almost see the tension fumes rising from the assembled drivers. I was wishing that I carried a wok in the back seat of my car.

Finally the little bastards formed a huddle in the middle of the island and flew away. All that was missing was one of them saying "HA-ha" a la Nelson Munts.